Vistabrokers CIF Ltd Accreditations with EU Countries

Vistabrokers CIF Ltd Accreditations with EU Countries


In accordance with EU regulations (according to the Article 31 (3) of the Directive 2004/39/EC and activities listed in Annex I of the Directive 2004/39/EC), national Regulator (CySEC) directive, MiFID and Sectoral EU Legislation, Vistabrokers CIF Ltd, being EU licensed Investment – Brokerage Company, is to be registered with all EU countries financial markets’ National Regulators. This ensures both sides – Vistabrokers CIF Ltd and its Clients – with the legal basis for the provision and usage of brokerage services throughout the EU.

Below is the list of the official Accreditations with the number of EU National Regulators:

Accreditation with Belgium FSMA (In accordance with Article 4 of the Royal Decree of 20 December 1995 on foreign investment firms / 2004/39/EC)

Accreditation with Liechtenstein FMA (according to Article 35b of the Liechtenstein Banking Ordinance (BO) and according to Article 8a et sqq. of the Liechtenstein Banking Act (BA) in conjunction with Article 27d and Annex 7.2 to 7.4 of the BO)

Accreditation with CNMV of Spain (REGISTRO DE SALIDA № 2014026292)

Accreditation with FSA of Norway (according to section 9-26 sub-section 1 of the Act № 75 of 29/06/2007 on Securities Trading – Securities Trading Act – Ref. № NCB 323-01.28.2014)

Accreditation with CSSF of Luxemburg (SDI.14/168-IM/MR)

Accreditation with BaFin of Germany (WA 37 – K 5000 – 136563 – 2014/0001)

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