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Trading Signals

Each owner of MQL5 account has the possibility to subscribe to MQL5 trading signals using the MetaTrader 4 trading platform.
The operating principle of the Trading Signals service is quite simple to exploit. Choose a Signals Provider, and then subscribe to it. From this point onward, all deals will be copied on the account. Right in the trading terminal, you can readily subscribe to a signal.

Step-by-step instructions for subscribing to the MQL5 signals using the trading platform:

  • 1. Make sure your MetaTrader platform is up-to-date.
  • 2. Create a MQL5 account.
  • 3. Connect the account with the MetaTrader 4 terminal. In order to perform this action, open your MetaTrader 4 platform, then select “Tools” and click on the “Options” tab. After that choose “Community” and input your MQL5 username/password.
  • 4. Select your preferred “Signals” provider. In order to do this, find the “Terminal” tab in the platform and click on “Signals”). Then subscribe to it.
    Next, you have to agree to the “Signals” T&C (terms and conditions) and turn on the real time signal subscription. Select the “Tools” tab and click on “Options”. Then check 2 boxes under the “Signals” tab:

    • 1) Read carefully through and click to agree to the terms of use of the Signal service
    • 2) Turn on real-time signal subscription. From this moment on, you can change your subscription settings.
  • 5. If the above-mentioned steps were performed appropriately, the system is going to synchronize the accounts. From now forth all the trading operations from your provider will appear in your trading account almost instantly. No contracts or paper work will be required. Just take these steps and you are good to go. It is not obligatory to use the “Signal” provider server in order to receive trading signals.

Step-by-step instructions for subscribing to the MQL5 Trading Signals using the MQL5 website?

If you want to subscribe using the MQL5 site, make sure you have accessed your MQL5 profile. Look through the list of the trading signals and choose the preferred one, then click on the “Subscribe” tab. Next, you have to choose the subscription duration as well as the starting day. Then you have to input the name of a broker (after you type the first letter, you will see that the website will give you all the options from which you should select the right one) and the username (the trading account number), to which trades are copied.

The MQL5 trading signals and Vistabrokers CIF Ltd offer you to:

• Control the volume of trading operations individually in order to reduce the potential risks.
• Subscribe to one of the trading signals which can interest you. This will allow all trades carried out by the “Signal” provider to be copied to your trading account instantly.
• Turn into a Signal Provider
• Make calculations conveniently, using internal payment system of
• Develop effective strategies and analyze trading history/ rankings.

How do you benefit?

• This solution is quite simple, ready-made and effective. You can make the subscription to the signal done in several clicks. From then all the trades are conveniently going to copy to the account without the trader participation in it. The signal provider’s actions will not be complicated as well. He will just add a signal to a common data source and set the subscription fee.
• Absolute security is provided for each person involved. There is a rigorous selection process for the signal providers. There is a one-month for each new Signal provider. If the work was done appropriately, the signal provider appears in the signals display.
• Rapidity of the subscription process and signals’ buy and sell: No agreements between the signal provider and the subscriber are required in order to subscribe to the preferred signal and place it on the website. A signal seller put up his product for sale and the subscriber makes a decision to subscribe. That’s it. The process takes place inside the system. Therefore, no paperwork is required.
• СA paid subscription signal is easily accessible. If you get interested in a signals which is available by paid subscription, there are no difficulties to connect to it. You can pay it using PayPal and WebMoney that support or make a transfer from a bank card.
• There is no commission. The “Signals” service doesn’t ask signal subscribers for any commission on the traded volume.
• It is not necessary for the trading platform to be always on. In the nearest time, there will be developed and bought in a trusted execution mechanism that works by issuing Trusted Execution Token (TET), a special type of power of attorney. With this option, all transactions will be copied automatically, even if the trading terminal doesn’t work. So, there is no need to keep the trading platform turned on constantly.
• Minimum delay in transaction execution. If the trader and signal provider and are on the same server in the TET-mode, you can get the fastest execution in the market.

It is important to know that…

Potential risks:

• You shouldn’t rely upon the trading signals utterly and completely. This isn’t a direct supervision or guide to action, but a piece of financial advice, which can be taken into consideration while trading.
• A trader has to realize that she/he proceeds at her/his own risk. The profitability of trading signals formerly can’t provide the same profitable success in the future. Therefore, brokerage offices don’t guaranty for the effectuality of the trading signals. There are reasoned arguments about why your trade index may not be the same as the data displayed by the trading signals provider. They are explicable on the basis of the following factors: different sizes of market expansion, different market liquidity levels, the suspension of trade lines and credit, tax collection of government or regulatory authorities put on market participants, both buyers and sellers, including your contractee; different connection speed levels, individual errors and errors in commercial operations, the delay in the transferring, formation, receiving of orders and tracing; ineffective tracking of trading signals from they were created; the influence of other points that haven’t been listed in pursuance of strategies or signals offered by the trading signals provider; requirements changes related to margin, stop-loss changes, the restrictions and margin position adoption, days off and public holidays at the market, one-shot or irregular exogenous market events, lack of trading experience, a temporary impossibility of the provider to transfer or create trading signals, etc.
• There is a possible risk of losing money in any type of investment. Investing implies fundamental risks, including the possibility of total capital loss.

Potential Issues

There are instances, where trying to synchronize your deals with the Provider’s, a warning message appear:

  • 1. Suppose that an order or a trading position is opened on your account. When this occurs, synchronization won’t be run automatically, while trying to subscribe to the signal. You will be asked to select whether to manually delete pending orders, agree to an instant synchronization or close all positions. Otherwise, all positions not involved in the Provider’s signals will be forced to close at the current price, while pending orders are removed.
  • 2. If the Provider’s account profit isn’t positive, you will have to wait for better market conditions. It will allow you to come in the market at a price, which is not lower than the Provider’s price. Instant synchronization is also available, but in such a case you carry all the risks. For more detailed information on the recommended conditions of the initial synchronization take a look at mql5 page.

We highly recommend you to review the operator system messages accurately and don’t click on the immediate synchronization button. Otherways, you are going to carry all the risks and your agreement to use the signal and perform Instant synchronization will be saved in the terminal logs.

Risk Disclaimer: Having opened a Trading Account and began trading, you acknowledge your awareness and full acceptance of the risks related to the trading of financial instruments and possible loss of your funds. Please read carefully General Risk Disclosure.

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